So impunity embarks
A new year
New in digusting digits
Yet tricks
All but in all the same
So welcome.impunity
Hidden in short skirts
And trimmed thonged trousers

So welcome
Open my mind so that I may learn in-depth thoughts
Open my ear so that I may learn to hear

Mama papa
Am in a caskets school
Mama my mind blooms
Thanks this is the best you can ,to me give

Son daughters the key
Is so key
And when due will be key
To your soul key
So son , daughter
Emerge the best in all
That you endeavor

Knock knock It’s festive season
A professor at heart
Mama-papa so professional
Soul search
The festivities fatal flirts
Time to strike succumbs

It’s now or never
_parte after parte for ever_
Yet all at burn
Careers changes so fast

It’s time thunder strikes so hard
Lightning felt up bright
Tromendous thunder triumphs
Yet so silent skirts
off skirts in great pestilence
On the dock the ninth
Haha now performance a great preference

So skirts hide shame
The trimmed thonged trousers
A terror to write off the works.
Of thunder
Look now and say
My pen is already ready to murmur

It’s January smiles up the stake
Check your cloth before the cut
For your cut
Will affect the cut

So skirts are swayed
Yet behind the curtains
Secrets are hidden
But you told me to do all the best
And be the best

© Hurmphery the poet
The words blacksmith 2020

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