You claim that the bond we had
That strong bond is broken
You think I am comfortable this way
But you don’t know of my agony

What should I do now?
What can I tell you now?
Yet every time I close my eyes
I see you two kissing.

How can I forgive?
Tell me my Favorite Sophie
When all I remember is my warnings
Against playing with a boy not known?

Yes, I was busy serving
And you blamed me for breaking your heart
And leaving it to die for good
But didn’t we talk about this separation?

He wasn’t the option
All you wanted was to hurt me
To prove of my unworthiness
But like a bee, we got stung

I can’t stop hating you,
For anger brings back the memories
And my heart bleeds with betrayal
No, my pride won’t allow that

I have no choice
But to hate you when I’m angry
I have nothing to decide on
And I won’t stop hating you, neither will I give up on you

I hate you, I love you
I hate that I love you
I love that I hate you
What should I do now?

Lewis Wamwanda

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