Is it a ghost,
A demon,
Or an evil spirit from hell?

Am a paranoia and fear of night I saw the ghost,
Pulled his heart that night
The ghost had hang around the house
Shivering and loitering
Like a hawk looking for chicks to carry away
And left with his heart

Then another day
The ghost appeared again
It was going to rake my soul
I tried to ask for help
Sadly my voice gave no sound
It pondered on how and why I could see it

It was a dark lonely night all I could hear are sounds of a gong
My eyes dated about in the dark
As I awaited my death

My lamb light was blown out
And hands that no man could count
Grabbed me into a forest
The hands held me firm
Dragging me to the deepest part of the forest

Decibels of sounds such that no human ears had heard began to register in my ears
I walked walked into the den of vicious and wicked dread spirits of the worlds of darkness
A cloud of darkness thicker than that of the night morphed in a broken circle around me

I kicked and bit as many hands as I could
My sharp high pitch cry rent the night
Until my body grew could and dead

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